Weapons Dealer

Weapons Dealer

Blades of Attack
+9 damage
Buy 450 Sell 225
Used to make Crystalys, Phase Boots

+18 damage
Buy 1200 Sell 600
Used to make Blade Mail, Crystalys, Battlefury

+10% attack speed
+10 damage
Buy 900 Sell 575
Used to make Oblivion Staff, The Butterfly, Lothar's Edge, Force Staff

+21 damage
Buy 1400 Sell 700
Used to make Battle Fury, Lothar Edge

Ring of Protection
+2 armor
Buy 175 Sell 87
Used to make Ring of Basillius, Arcane Ring, Tranquil Boots

Stout Shield
60 % chance block 20 damage
Buy 250 Sell 125
Used to make Vanguard, Poor Man's Shield

Javelin+21 damage
20 % chance add 40 damage for each attack
Buy 1500 Sell 750
Used to make Monkey King Bar, Cranium Basher

Mithril Hammer
+24 damage
Buy 1600 Sell 800
Used to make Maelstrom, Black King Bar, Stygian Desolator

+5 armor
Buy 550 Sell 275
Used to make Natherezim Buckler, Blade Mail, Assault Cuirass , Phase Boots

Helm of Iron Will
+5 armor, +3 HP regen/seconds
Buy 950 Sell 475
Used to make Helm of the Dominator, Hood of Defiance, Armlet of Mordiggian, Veil of Discord

Plate Mail
+10 armor
Buy 1400 Sell 700
Used to make Assault Cuirass, Shiva's Guard

Quelling Blade
+32% bonus attack damage on non-hero units. +12% (ranged)
Tree Chop (Active)
Tree Chop destroys a target tree.
Cooldown : 5 seconds
Quelling Blade cannot be held by Admiral
Buy 225 Sell 112