Leragas the Vile

Leragas the Vile

Demon Edge
+46 damage
Buy 2400 Sell 1300
Used to make Divine Rapier, Buriza-do Kyanon, Monkey King Bar

+25 Agility
Buy 3300 Sell 1650
Used to make The Butterfly, Mjollnir, Ethereal Blade

Messerschmidt's Reaver
+25 Strength
Buy 3200 Sell 1600
Used to make Heart of Tarrasque, Satanic

Sacred Relic
+60 damage
Buy 3800 Sell 1900
Used to make Divine Rapier, Radiance, Abyssal Blade

+55% attack speed
Buy 2100 Sell 1050
Used to make Assault Cuirass, Mjollnir

Ring of Health
+4 HP regen/seconds
Buy 875 Sell 437
Used to make Perseverance, Vanguard, Hood of Defiance

Void Stone
+100% mana regeneration
Buy 875 Sell 450
Used to make Perseverance, Eul's Scepter of Divinity, Guinsoo

Mystic Staff
+25 Intelligence
Buy 2700 Sell 1350
Used to make Shiva's Guard, Guinsoo

Energy Booster
+250 mana
Buy 1000 Sell 500
Used to make Soul Booster, Arcane Ring

Point Booster
+150 mana
+200 HP
Buy 1200 Sell 600
Used to make Soul Booster, Eye of Skadi, Aghanim's Scepter

Vitality Booster
+250 HP
Buy 1100 Sell 550
Used to make Soul Booster, Heart of Tarrasque, Vanguard, Rod of Atos

Orb of VenomOrb of Venom
Adds a poison effect to your attacks. Deals 3dps and lasts 4 seconds. 4% slow for range, 12% for melee.
Buy 350 Sell 175
Used to make Eye of Skadi